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These comprehensive topical devotionals will teach you how to stand on the promises of God, encourage your faith, guide you through grief and much much more!
  • The Promises of God - God is good, and He wants the best for His children. He has given us a great number of promises in His Word so that we can know His will on these topics. And His desire is for us to take Him at His Word, place our faith in what He’s said, and trust Him to bring it to pass in our lives.
  • Healing - Do you need healing today? Are you uncertain if God even wants to heal you? Let God’s Word forever settle that question for you. The Bible teaches us that God wants us to be whole—spirit, soul, and body. Discover what God’s Word has to say about healing, and find hope and encouragement as you trust Him to restore your health.
  • Grief - Grief is real—and it hurts. It isn’t something you can ignore, bury beneath the demands of daily life, or wish away overnight. You have to work through it. But rest assured, you can get beyond your grief.
  • New Believers - The Word For You Today for New Believers will answer many of your questions and introduce you to key principles that will equip you to take the first steps on your brand new journey of faith. Whether you’re looking for answers for yourself, or you’re a pastor looking for the perfect resource for those you lead to Christ, The Word For You Today for New Believers is the perfect little book for you.
  • Prayer - Are you praying and getting results? Have you allowed your prayer life to take a backseat to the busyness of life? Or are you eager to communicate with your Heavenly Father, but unsure how to begin? No matter where you are on your journey of faith, The Word For You Today on Prayer will help you develop the intimacy God longs to have with you through prayer.
  • Forgiveness - Relationships aren’t perfect! Some days we find ourselves emotionally bruised and battered by the words and actions of others. And sometimes we’re the ones whose choices inflict deep pain in someone else.

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"This is the best devotional I have ever read. Our congregation has been using The Word For You Today for over twelve years. I highly recommend it to every pastor and congregation who wants to grow deep in the Word."

JENTEZEN FRANKLIN - Pastor, Free Chapel, Gainesville, GA